Montenegro: A European Summer

Shot on the scenic coastline of Montenegro, with the backdrop of the rugged mountains, Cameron Hammond and Rachel Gill take us on an adventure through villas, medieval villages and narrow stripes of beaches along the Adriatic coastline. 

Montenegro: A European Summer was captured by Cameron Hammond and produced by Rachel Gill with gorgeous fresh-faced Dutchie, Cassandra

We were excited to finally team up with this creative couple and wanted to evoke a sense of exploration, summer-time and endless adventures (even if it is Winter here in Australia). A way to show that our hats, can be worn no matter the season or the weather, all around the globe & at any time.

The shoot was centred around the villa and surrounds where Cam, Rach and Cass stayed for their week long adventure in Montenegro. 

The villa, only to be found by going down a long, overgrown bush path, was barely visible from the road. Making your way down the path, eventually you see this beautiful, rustic group of houses, reminiscent of a tiny little village. So peaceful, so serene. Just the lapping of the water in the beautiful misty light. The house itself, the most magical setting, facing the sunset, with the sparkling blue pool out in front.

Cassandra was funny, charming, smart and game for pretty much anything. Watch the girl wash a scooter and you will get the picture! 

The team had so much fun during their few days spent in Montenegro to capture the essence of this beautiful town and the serenity of it's medieval villages and picturesque coastline.  

A selection of our favourite shots from the shoot, featuring our new Sensations range of hats. Available online now and perfect for all seasons.