Weekends with Christina Macpherson

Tell us a little about yourself..

It's a mouthful... Christina Rozalia Macpherson. I live between Byron Bay, Australia and New Zealand (my partner is a kiwi). I'm a travel writer and model. 


Where can we find you most weekends?

I'll either be covered in sand and salt, reading a new book at the beach, or going on drives to the unknown - through farmland, up mountains, to waterfalls and beyond. 


Describe your ideal long weekend getaway..

It'd take a while to get there (all the best places do), but once there it would be completely empty and peaceful. It'd be a place where forest meets sand, and the water is clear and warm. We'd have all we need for the weekend - fresh fruit, bread, maybe a little wine. He would have his guitar and I'd have my books, and we'd find a stray dog to absolutely smother with love.


What do you love most about where you live?

It's a funny thing to constantly travel and to find similarities with places. Where we are in NZ is so like Byron, just a little quieter. Both places are so rich in nature and abundant in beauty; there are several surf beaches, hikes to go on, waterfalls, rivers - all within half an hours drive. It's incredible.


Favourite outfit?

At the moment it's high-waisted wide leg trousers with a short crop. 


And the LOC hat you would style it with..

Either the Dunes Cap or the Palma Boater


When do you feel most like yourself?

There's two quite different ways. One would be being at an empty small beach or cove, set up for the day just reading and playing on the shore. Or it would be when I'm travelling. It may sound strange because when you travel, nobody knows you and everything you're experiencing is new. But that's what I thrive on, and I feel comfortable in that.


Favourite book to curl up with?

I've just finished reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee which was a goodie. I've also just discovered the author Haruki Murakami, anything by him sets my imagination into full weird mode (I love it).


What are you listening to lately?

A lot of Father John Misty and a lot of Mac DeMarco


Christina wears the 'Palm Canyon'